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Oregon Coast – Panasonic GH4 Review

Panasonic GH4 Review


The Panasonic GH4 has been the talk of the video production circles for a few weeks now. Mainly because it’s the first DSLR type camera with 4k capabilities….but the big question is how does it compare to the 1080p cameras that most of us use as our daily workhorses. I was fortunate enough to grab one before too many others did and take it on a trip down the coast of Oregon and get a feel for it for 10 days. I left my trusty C100 at home so that I would be forced to work with it. I took my Rokinon 85mm and 35mm cine lenses with me as well as a Canon 200mm. I purchased the Fotodiox EF to MFT adaptor, which is a pile of crap….it works fine as an adaptor but the manual iris only adds a ridiculous vignette when adjusted (you can see this on the shots of the gray whale.)

Overall the camera is a hug step up from the Canon DSLRs that many of us use regularly. There are a ton of functions apart from 4k such as slow motion, variable codecs, and audio meters. The slow-mo looks pretty compressed when used along side 4k footage and the dynamic range doesn’t even come close to my C100 or Blackmagic. You can get some great images using CineD color settings and exposing a little under. It took me a bit to get used to underexposing because the viewfinder made the image look too dark, but when I imported the footage and started editing I realized the darker shots were perfect. I suggest using the zebras and stopping past them in most cases even if it looks a little dark on the viewfinder.

My final thoughts at this point is the GH4 produces beautifully sharp 4k images that look amazing when scaled down to 1080p, this camera is not going to be my main camera but at $1,800 it is a hell of a step up from any Canon DSLR on the market.

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  1. Dave

    Beautiful! I really liked your video.

  2. Jason

    Really great footage, I have a C100 and just got a GH4 for a second camera. Have you tried to match the footage together with the C100. If so what type settings would you use.

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